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OSHA Approved Dental Sterilization Techniques

At Wilk & Wilk, we have created a cleaning/disinfection and sterilization process that adheres to the new CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings, 2003. We have implemented strict infection control procedures for the safety of our patient families and have a designated sterilization room that is a central processing area for all orthodontic instruments. This room is separate from the orthodontic clinic where the delivery of orthodontic care is provided and is divided spatially into distinct areas for receiving, cleaning, decontamination, preparation, sterilization, and temporary storage of instruments. All sterilized instruments are handled aseptically during their removal from the sterilizer and their transport to the point of use.

OSHA-ApprovedWe use only FDA-cleared medical devices for sterilization. The sterilization area has an ultrasonic cleaner, dry heat sterilizer, and an autoclave. We use rapid steam autoclave for the sterilization of handpieces and dry heat sterilization for all other orthodontic instruments. We strictly follow the manufacturers’ recommended sterilization times, temperatures, and operating parameters to ensure proper sterilization protocols are being followed.

We biologically monitor our sterilization process once a month through the use of spore-testing. This is done independently through the B-Safe program at the Germiphene Corporation. Biological monitoring is regarded as the most valid method for monitoring the sterilization process because it uses live, highly resistant bacterial spores as the test medium.

We have also implemented a cleaning and disinfection process for all clinical contact surfaces and strictly maintain proper hand hygiene prior to patient contact through the use of antimicrobial hand soap and water or with an alcohol-based hand rub.

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