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The Wilk Brothers of Wilk & Wilk Orthodontics

wilk-bro02Drs. Brian and Kevin Wilk joined forces and founded Wilk & Wilk Orthodontics in 1997 in Cambridge, Ontario. Their goal: create a highly collaborative dynamic orthodontic practice. From the beginning, the Doctors have had a clear vision for their practice and have relied on strong family values in its pursuit. They continue to meticulously consider every detail while offering patients of all ages a full range of orthodontic services. They’re also nice people who love what they do.

The Doctors are proud to have seen the Cambridge office of Wilk & Wilk Orthodontics grow to a fourteen-chair computerized, digital facility employing eighteen dedicated staff members. Powerful word-of-mouth referrals from friends and families like you made this happen and we are very thankful! We’ve worked hard to get to where we are and are now especially proud to be treating the children of our now-grown early patients.

Recently the Wilk & Wilk footprint has grown to include an orthodontic office in Oakville. We are proud of our new location and are excited about the beautiful, healthy smiles we are creating for our Oakville patients.

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