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Pre-Teen/Teen Orthodontic Treatment

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Pre-Teen Orthodontic Treatment

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Whether you want the perfect smile for your grad or sports team photos, the prom or just for close-up “selfies”, we’ve got you covered! Many of our patients start orthodontic treatment between the ages of 11 and 16. Robust growth and development during these years enable us to move teeth quickly and comfortably while taking advantage of more treatment options available than there would be in the adult years where jaw growth is complete. Socially, pre-teen and teen patients enjoy experiencing orthodontic treatment at the same time as their peers and they routinely exhibit a wonderful boost in their self-esteem and confidence!

Wilk & Wilk Orthodontics offers a variety of treatment options for teen and pre-teen orthodontic patients:


In addition to our attention to detail when creating your beautiful, healthy smile, we also focus on providing treatment in the most efficient manner. Our goal: minimize any interruptions to your busy schedule and to minimize the amount of school missed. A computerized patient flow system allows us to see our patients on time to minimize waiting times and technologies with braces and orthodontic wires allow us to increase the time between orthodontic office visits often up to 10 weeks. Many of our patients can complete their treatment with only 10 in-office appointments!

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